Strong convictions,
a partnership approach based on a shared objective: Unleashing growth potential

Pechel Industries Partenaires is an independent private equity firm dedicated to supporting French SMEs.
As a reference shareholder, we invest alongside entrepreneurs to reorganize or to strengthen their capital. We are convinced that integrating a social and environmental strategy enable a long term responsible growth to our portfolio companies.


Join entrepreneurs who have faith in us

Companies with solid fundamentals
A distinctive know-how and a well-established business model, a solid market position and a proven profitability.

Clearly identified growth levers
Requiring a transformation and acceleration process to be launched to unlock the company’s full potential (strengthening the organization, sector consolidation, business development).

Committed management teams
Looking for a present and supportive investor to assist them in their project realization through an active and methodical support.


Our sustainable
investment approach

Pechel Industries Partenaires believes that value creation, the core mission of an equity investor,
only makes sense if it is part of a sustainable investment process (based on ESG criteria).
Therefore, our investments are based on a long-term value creation perspective,
including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.